A downloadable game for Windows

An action adventure game made for Blackthornprod GameJam #2 in one week. The theme of the jam was mini planets and I incorporated them as the map design of the game. All assets are made by me during this week.

The game contains a boss fight that appears twice  (you're supposed to die the first time but it's possible to win) and few standard levels. 

The game utilizes the HDR pipeline in Unity so performance on lower end devices might be slow

How To Play: 

See the screenshot

Install instructions

Installation instructions:

1. Download the Cast-opia.zip file.

2. Unzip the file.

3. Run Cast-opia.exe file.


Cast-opia.zip 31 MB


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I reinstalled it several times but i didn't get it to work


Did you get any errors? 

No, the crash handler(i think) started and then it crashed too, which got followed by widows "the program has stopped working, looking for a solution kinda thing"

Hey, I think it might be caused by the HDR pipeline and I most likely won't be able to find a solution. Thanks for interest tho!